Jon Hamm as Don Draper - Mad Men _ Season 7, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Courtesy of AMC

‘Mad Men’ Series Finale: No Place Like Om

So much for the theories that Don was going to tumble out of a skyrise or that he’s DB Cooper.

Also, so much for the notion that Betty’s cancer would tether Don back to his children and back to New York. After Sally spills the beans that her mom has six months to live, Don’s insistence on taking custody of the kids is shot down by the fact that Betty has already made arrangements for her brother to raise Sally and the boys. Also given that Betty was already living on borrowed time, how long was Sally realistically supposed to sit on that secret? Anyway, given the fact that the mother of his children doesn’t see him as a stable and reasonable caregiver, Don is effectively off the hook and left to drift through west in until he eventually shows up greasy and unshaven on his pseudo-niece Stephanie Horton’s doorstep. At this point, Don has shed everything, including his family and is just reduced to an envelope full of cash and a Canadian tuxedo when he shows up at her fake niece’s door. As for Stephanie, she’s just as much a mess as she ever was, so if Don can’t be the rock for his own kinds, at least he can take care of her by giving her Anna and the OG Don Draper’s, and by proxy Megan’s old engagement ring to sell.

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