Daniel and Jaimee put the final touches on their meals. (Fox)

‘MasterChef’ Recap 5×9 – ‘Cutter Rising’

We’re down to the dirty dozen as the 12 remaining home cooks enter the MasterChef kitchen. We see a clip of Elizabeth talking about how she misses her husband. Too bad, lady. You’re married to the stove until you win or get the boot. The judges are on the stage. They explain that there is a team challenge this week but there is no road trip. They will be cooking in the MasterChef restaurant. Tables were brought in to the MasterChef set to make it look like as fancy as an upscale suburban strip mall fusion restaurant. The theme of the meal is love. The teams will be serving 17 couples who are all in love, or so they claim.

The team captains are Elizabeth (Blue Team) and Ahran (Red Team) because they had the best dishes in last week’s elimination challenge. Ahran already doesn’t like the challenge because she has never been on a date before. Aw, sorry to hear that, Ahran. Good news is that you probably just got asked out on a thousand dates by Twitter creeps. Since Elizabeth had the best dish she gets first pick and it’s Francis. Ahran then picks Willie. Elizabeth goes on to pick Jaimee, Victoria, Courtney and Daniel. Ahran picks Christine, Christian, Leslie and got stuck with the last pick, Cutter.

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