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How Did Fashion’s rag & bone Take the Steady Route to Success?

“When we started, the No. 1 focus was on the clothes for us, and the quality and the integrity, where things were made, where the fabric was from, the details, the buttons and all that kind of thing. And that stood us in very good stead, from just a general philosophy about what clothes should be. The English thing really comes in when you don’t have any design training. So, when designing clothes from the very beginning, it was like, ‘O.K., I grew up with this.’ We ended up with a lot of American workwear with English tailoring details; general construction points that are taken from English cues and applied to American clothes. As we’ve evolved, our focus is way broader than that, and the English thing comes into our brand in many different ways, whether it’s just the point of view of our tailoring or the use of Harris Tweed or fabric from [175-year-old British woolens mill] Abraham Moon.”

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