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Effective Binge Watching Guide: ‘Boardwalk Empire’

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Since last Wednesday, I have watched all four seasons of Boardwalk Empire; a show that I’ve avoided for years for the same reason I’ve also managed to escape intimate knowledge about The Wire and The Sopranos for so long: because it looked depressing, and I have little to no interest in stories about men shooting each other. I’d seen the first two episodes of Boardwalk when it first premiered, and remember being not overly impressed by anything other than Gretchen Moll’s comeback. (She’ll show those Vanity Fair scoffers!) That, and the fact that in 2007 I met both Michael Pitt and Michael Shannon when they played (separately) in bands that performed at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick, which led me to assume that the casting process of the show involved choosing actors just kind of lying around in Brooklyn. (For those interested in this sort of celebrity gossip, Shannon was very nice and jovial, while someone had obviously spread peanut butter in the roof of Pitt’s mouth in an attempt to make him appear like he was speaking.)

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