Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and their ‘I Told You So’ Campaigns

The prescience of Mr. Romney’s views of Mr. Putin expressed during the 2012 campaign can therefore be easily overstated. First, and most significantly, Russia is not the greatest geopolitical threat to the US, and has not been since the collapse of the Soviet Union. To assert otherwise is to overlook the myriad related threats posed by Iran and Jihadist terror and to give Russia too much credit. Russia is a regional power that is absolutely a threat to several of its neighbors, but it is far from the greatest threat to the security and safety of the US and its citizens. This is why Mr. Romney qualified his view of Russia during the debate and essentially stated the position of the Obama administration at the time. It should be recognized that Mr. Romney understood that Russia was a geopolitical foe in 2012, but that view was hardly unique at the time.

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