​Can you smell all the dirty laundry about to get aired out? (MTV.com)

‘Real World Skeletons’ Episode 5: Dirty Laundry

Dirty laundry sucks. It is the reason we feel comfortable leaving unclean clothes lying unguarded around the Laundromat, like who is going to want to touch a pile of stank Nike Swingman throwback jerseys? Maybe someone will steal ALL my crusty stuff and then not only can I skip laundry but also buy a whole new wardrobe. But then everything gets clean so you rush back there to get to the drier before it goes off because yeah, maybe someone does want to jack these washed Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts. They’re practically store-bought. Metaphorical dirty laundry is even grosser than repeatedly worn socks. And the cast members of the Real World do not like it when their dirt is put out into the open by other people. It is only okay if they do it themselves. In front of cameras. On television. Know the rules, you interloper.

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