Peter Falk, Truman Capote and David Niven, from left. (Murder By Death)

The Lost Film of Truman Capote: ‘Murder By Death’

When I was a child, I was into some weird shit. The first movie I remember being obsessed with was The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which my parents somehow felt it was appropriate for me to watch with my other 1st grade friends after school. We’d act out scenes in our backyard of Newark, DE; subsequently none of these kids were allowed over to my house after word got out. But I didn’t know better: I thought Rocky Horror was a musical about clowns. You know, like Jesus Christ Superstar. For a long time, I thought IT was a sequel to this film, until high school, when I found the actual sequel, Shock Treatment.

My second favorite movie, because of the obvious Tim Curry connection, was Clue. But ask child-age Drew what her third favorite movie was, and eventually I’d probably get around to Murder By Death, a Clue-like spoof of the detective genre by Neil Simon, with its all-star cast including Peter Falk (my biggest crush after Mr. Curry), Maggie Smith, Peter Sellers (in yellow-face), James Cromwell, Alec Guinness and Truman Capote. The 1976 film would be Mr. Capote’s only credited on-air performance.

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