Lee Pace in Halt and Catch Fire.

‘Halt and Catch Fire’ 1×6: Cabbage Patch Catharsis

In “Landfall,” Halt and Catch Fire’s most engaging and well crafted-episode since the pilot, the expected results of MacMillan, Howe and Clarke’s extreme character flaws take a passenger seat to the overall arc and mythology of the show. Themes of self-discovery, identity and reflection are layered on thick throughout the episode, as a literal and figurative storm approaches. (Ed. note: Yeah, what’s with that these days?!) In the pre-credits open, we are treated to MacMillan lying and fucking at the same time, while dodging questions from Howe about his ghastly scars. The episode quickly rushes through the PC development plot and knocks out a few follow-ups to the side characters the writer’s don’t seem to care about anymore.

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