TV’s Dead Zone: 7 Shows to Watch While Waiting for the Good Stuff to Return

Yesterday on HuffPost Live, I was part of a new panel show called Spoiler Alert, talking about Masters of Sex, Boardwalk Empire and the end of The Leftovers. And the point I kept coming back to–though it was probably better made by my amazing facial expressions–was that a lot of late summer programming is grim as hell. Like I never thought I would long for the day for Homeland to start, or have the only light at the end of this long, bleak tunnel be the next season of a Ryan Murphy production, but here we are. What do we have to look forward to these days? Transparent on Amazon, but binge-watching is like it’s own separate thing–it will be devoured in a week or less and then we’ll feel slightly fattened for a day or two before going back to the starving wasteland that lasts until Girls starts back up again. In January.

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