Preparing to enter the blackness of "Generator," the new performance exhibition at Sean Kelly. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

Stumbling into Nothingness: A Chat With Marina Abramović at Her New Show ‘Generator’

Before I sat in a tiny library last night alone with Marina Abramovic, I stood outside in the cold and wet of Tenth Avenue in a line that stretched down the block and waited. Nearly no other people would see or hear her. Nearly no other people would see or hear anything at all—the thousands there for the exhibition all locked all their belongings in lockers and strapped noise-canceling headsets to their skulls and donned blackout blindfolds and entered the gallery deaf and blind, tripping over own feet, knocking into other equally clueless people arms up, stumbling around like kids trying to find a pinata. This is Ms. Abramovic’s new performance, “Generator.”

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