Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Chuck McGill in <em>Better Call Saul</em>. (AMC)

Near Honor Students, All: ‘Better Call Saul’ Premieres, Unnecessary and Brilliant

Let me be clear: I do not need Better Call Saul. I don’t think anyone needed it. When the first rumors of this show came out, people validly pointed out things like “Spinning off a minor character for a comedy version of one of the most acclaimed dramas of our time is cray” and “LOL WUT” and “Bring back Mr. Show!” (Which is also happening!)

See, I don’t think anyone doubted this show would be AMAZING. Obviously, Vince Gilligan is a genius and can do whatever he wants, and so is Bob Odenkirk so there you go. Even though there was a lot of speculation over ways this show could fail, I highly doubt anyone really expected it to be anything less than A- material.

I’d give it a solid A for the pilot–which seems at once like a completely different structure from Breaking Bad while simultaneously existing in the exact same world–and the little revelations I had during it felt very Deep-with-a-capital-D.

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