The set of Moon Dust. (Courtesy 356 Mission)

A Chat With Scott Reeder About Moon Dust, His Space Age Day-Glo Feature Film

Tonight, the Anthology Film Archives will screen Moon Dust, the first full-length film by Detroit-based artist Scott Reeder. It’s a science fiction romp that follows employees of a seen-better-days moon resort, and the lo-fi but painstakingly rendered color-saturated vision of outer space should earn the movie at least a cult following, if not further accolades. We met with Mr. Reeder on Saturday afternoon for a beer at 169 Bar, on the Lower East Side, to talk about the way the Day-Glo look of the film came together over the course of a decade, if not to give away too much of its contents. Given the kitschy vibe at 169 and the corny old spy movies playing on mute on a TV, it seemed like a nice place for a conversation about Moon Dust.

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