Skeleton crew: Activate!

‘Real World: Skeletons’ Proves MTV Still Preferable to Existence in Actual Real World

The first episode of the Real World season is a beautiful experience. Your initial instinct might be to compare it to the first day at a new school, when you don’t know anyone. Or maybe showing up on the start date of a new job, trying to figure out who you hope to share a cubicle with. You would be wrong for that. We used to compare the Real World to these things. But the Real World has beaten the “real world.” Now we compare these life events to the show. “I met my new co-workers for the first time today, it was totally like an episode of the the Real World. One is kind of hot, not that I’d hook up with someone I work with. And there’s one who seems like kind of a jerk, not that I’m here to make friends.” The Real World is such an important show that it has reached it’s thirtieth season even though it started twenty-two years ago. Because the rules of the universal language of math don’t even apply to the Real World.

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