Vee in Orange is the New Black. (Netflix)

‘Orange is the New Black’ 2nd Season Review: ‘It’s A Metaphor, You Potato With Eyes’

“Italians have weird things with their mothers,” says a character in Orange is the New Black. “They like, live with them way too long.”

Consider that the thesis point of the second season of the hit Netflix show…or the takeaway, as the line is said in the opening of the season finale, which was released, along with the rest of the episodes, last Friday. More daring than the first season, which stuck only to the characters directly in contact with (ostensible) protagonist Piper Chapman, the new OITNB is even more of an ensemble piece, allowing almost every other inmate at Litchfield Prison a chance to eclipse the world’s most intolerably entitled inmate. (Well, besides Soso. But we’ll get to her.)

But what this season does, that in my opinion the premiere offering didn’t fail to do so much as didn’t even attempt, is humanize not just mothers, but families as a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

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