Sasheer Zamata (illustration by Paul Kisselev)

Sasheer Zamata on Race, Rejection and Her ‘Badass’ Future

Sasheer Zamata is down to discuss race. Or, to be clear: she’s handling my attempts to talk about her odd audition for SNL last year with bemused grace. After our interview, she takes the stage at Park Slope’s Union Hall–where the Saturday Night Live featured player hosts a regular comedy show “Sasheer Zamata Party Time!“–she’s more open still; tackling her personal experiences with both subtle and unsubtle racism and the unintentional Voldermort-ian power we give a certain racial slur when we try to erase it from the cultural lexicon. (Do I need to tell you what the word is?) Her solution? Maybe we should just grant certain celebrities the ability to use the term. Say for instance: Taylor Swift. She gets a pass.

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