The mid-season finales leave us mid-air. (ABC)

Emotional Shonda-Coaster Week 9: ‘Grey’s,’ ‘Scandal,’ & ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

The Shondaland lineup is not known for its realism. That’s what folks who don’t like Rhimes’ work always point to first; a lawyer friend of mine refuses to watch HTGAWM because of how implausible the depiction of law school is (editor’s note: AHHHH! My husband has the same problem!), and I imagine doctors and D.C. insiders feel similarly about Grey’s and Scandal. At the same time, the heightened melodrama is certainly part of the draw for the fans – I was genuinely surprised by the final moments of all three shows last night, and I know the formulas pretty well. We don’t call it the Shonda-coaster here at tvDownload for nothing.

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