The One Burning Question We Have After the Second Episode of ‘The Affair’

So as much as I love Vinnie’s recaps of The Affair, Showtime’s surprisingly decent* “he said/she said” drama, there was one key element that was not addressed about the second episode, which aired Sunday night. (Along with all the other TV, my god people. Ease up.)

We know this a plot where some crime was committed, several months (or years!) before the detective ends up interviewing Noah and Alison. But the crime is in the future from the “opposite of the meet-cute” story we’re watching unfold via the couple’s dueling narratives to said detective. It’s unclear if there even was a crime! But if there was, it occurred somewhere between the first Montauk summer and now, years later, where the two are being interrogated. We know that enough time has passed that Alison now has a child, and this week there were several more clues about the death: that it had originally been thought an accident, that the victim was male (or, in the detective’s parlance, a “fella,”) and that he had been “run down” on a road leading to a hot new tourist spot and a party. The killer(s?) (or I guess people who ran down the eventual victim, it doesn’t need to be what caused his death) in Alison’s opinion could not have been “anyone at the party,” since they were all locals. We know that Alison cared for the victim.

Alison is full of useful information! The problem is when Noah is put under the same microscope.

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