‘Hello Ladies,’ ‘The Comeback’ and the Rise of HBO’s New ‘Annoyinghero’ Archetype

I’m having a hard time watching TV lately. I mean that literally, or at least the Jane Fonda definition of literally. I literally can’t watch a lot of TV these days. It makes me squirm. I have to get up and move around, or bake, or keep myself occupied. Sometimes I will go hide in the kitchen so I can still hear the dialogue of a show, but I don’t have to actually watch it. Sometimes I put my hands over my ears and hum until a certain scene is over.

I don’t do this because I’m squeamish about zombie blood or clown torture porn or Noah Solloway’s cloying pout-faces on The Affair. I have to leave the room because of the resurgence of that awkward, Curb Your Enthusiasm type of humor on HBO, coinciding with the revivals of canceled seriesThe Comeback and Hello Ladies. (I should clarify: Hello Ladies isn’t getting a second season, but it now has a movie-length special out on HBO.) I’ll take a long shot and put Girls in this category as well, but not Getting On as I haven’t really gotten to it yet.

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