Larry Gagosian and Masa Takayama were happy once. (Photo courtesy Patrick McMullan)

The Times Gives Zero Stars to Larry Gagosian’s $240 Sushi Rolls at Kappo Masa

2014 was all set to go down as the year that Larry Gagosian and Masa Takayama teamed up to deliver caviar-dotted toro rolls to deep-pocketed New Yorkers. Here it is, Kappo Masa, the art world bento box joint of our dreams! But it seems something’s gone awry. First, people started to notice that it would set you back $240 for a few bites of fancy rice and raw fish. And now, The New York Times has given Kappo Masa that all-too-rare goose egg—that’s right, Larry’s long-awaited foray into fine dining has netted him zero stars.

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