Takashi Murakami, Isle of the Dead, 2014.
(Courtesy Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. Photography by Robert McKeever. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery.)

Absurd on a Grand Scale: The Lunatic Splendor of Murakami Takes Over Gagosian Gallery

The twin 14-foot statues titled Embodiment of Um and Embodiment of A currently on view at Gagosian Gallery on 24th Street are a raucous sight to behold. Majestically grotesque and adorned in gold, they are looming and frenzied video-game characters with the exquisite rendering of ancient Chinese statuary. They punctuate Takashi Murakami’s tidal wave of delirium-drenched images, “In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow,” on view at the gallery through January 17, 2015.

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