Mick Jagger Sizing Up the Competition, Savannah, Georgia, May 1965. (Courtesy the Bob Bonic Archive)

How Thousands of Unseen Pictures of The Stones and The Beatles Ended Up on eBay

It was Robert Fraser, the late London dealer, who suggested to Paul McCartney that Richard Hamilton, the Brit from whom Pop Art arguably derives its name, design the album cover to follow-up Peter Blake’s exuberantly busy—and undeniably iconic—design for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Hamilton’s solution was a monochrome. He had each copy of The White Album stamped with its own serial number, making up a limited edition of about five million. Just a Conceptual joke. Popular entertainment and the art business have traded moves from time to time ever since—Hello, Lady Gaga—but now Kurt Benjamin of the Rare Rock Archives, the Los Angeles operation handling the Bob Bonis Archive, a cache of Beatles and Rolling Stones tour pictures, has a twist.

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