Does not mix well. (FX, Ambien.)

‘The Strain’ Recap 1×2: Do Not Watch This Show on Ambien

I, along with almost nine million other people in the world, sometimes need some help falling asleep. I’m not ashamed: we all do what we need to do in this world, and if that means popping some Ambien so I can fall asleep before the sun rises, so be it. Sure, I need to watch out for sleep eating and sleep sex (honestly still can’t decide which one of those sounds more alarming), but honestly my biggest issue after several years of taking the medication is my tendency to try to stay up and do work under the influence. Last night, bone-tired but knowing I had to power through, I decided to watch the second episode of Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cruse’s The Strain while mildly hallucinating. Here’s what I discovered: Under no circumstances, watch The Strain on Ambien.

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