Sangha Yoga Shala hosts an open house.

To Do This Week: Dale Peck Reading and Yoga Open House

Pablo Picasso once quipped that, “Two of the most frustrated trades are dentists and photographers—dentists because they want to be doctors, and photographers because they want to be painters.” I don’t know, my dentist talks a lot about his family and just seems like he’s in a really good place. I bet every single photographer on display at the 35th Annual AIPAD Photography Show New York feels good, too! Well, at least the ones that are alive. Some highlights from the next show put on by The Association of International Photography Art Dealers include Burt Stern’s iconic images of Marilyn Monroe (at the Staley-Wise Gallery) and Alfred Stieglitz’s 1930 palladium print of Georgia O’Keeffe (at the Edwynn Houk Gallery). I mean, every one of the photographers is considered not only an artist, but a great artist, so I think they’re fine. Anyhow, Picasso is a fool. Glad we solved that.

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