A staring contest of epic proportions. (HBO)

‘The Leftovers’ Recap 1×5: White Shirts Are the New Bagels

(Note: Sorry for the delay!)
The opening of this week’s Leftovers: Kathy Geiss and the incestuous sister from True Detective (Patti) are just staring at each other for awhile. Then Young Jessica Lange (YGL or Laurie) and Geiss go around town, smoking and bumming people out with their vague acts of vandalism, like painting newsstands white. An old man calls them a cunt, and then he falls to the ground and they just watch. Then they go smoke by a gas station, which seems dumb, and then someone kidnaps Ms. Geiss and she just DROPS THE CIGARETTE ON THE GROUND. That whole place is going to go up in flames.

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