Queen Mum? (E!)

‘The Royals’ 1×03 Recap: Game on, Queen

Our show opens with the “spare” to the throne, Cyrus, snorting coke in, what else, a red robe. He grabs a sword off the wall (as one does) and furiously walks down the palace hallway with King Simon in his sights. Without even turning around, Simon informs Cyrus that he will be postponing the referendum to see if Liam could possibly handle being King. Cyrus walks away without his brother’s blood on his hands.I gotta ask, what is Cyrus’ longterm game plan here? This isn’t The Lion King.Does he think if he kills SImon everyone will just be super cool with it and accept him as their new king? I’m not well versed in British law but I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works.

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