Where the magic happens. (Photo via Showrunners)

‘Showrunners’: Creators of New Doc Discuss TV’s Most Mysterious Occupation

It’s considered one of the toughest jobs in the entertainment industry; the actual duties of which are a mystery to many. Yet, in recent years, because of the rise of social media, it’s become one of the most visible roles within the television world.

A showrunner has the responsibility of overseeing everything that goes into making each episode of a television series, from the creative aspects to the financial and logistical elements. It’s quite a juggling act and one that not many people fully understand.

“The audience is 90% people who don’t know how the soap is made,” says Hart Hanson, who was the showrunner of Bones, The Finder and currently Backstrom.

So, what exactly does a showrunner do?

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