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tvDownload’s 2014 Rewind: The ‘Worsties’ in Television

As the Internet starts coming out with its various Best Ofs and Roundups for this year of our lord and savior, Hannibal Lecter, tvDownload has decided to go a different route: the Worsties of 2014. Sure, we have had a great year for emerging content that defies categorizations like “TV”: Transparent on Amazon, Vimeo’s High Maintenance, and the continuation of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. We’re not trying to take away anything from TV’s Golden Age (Redux). But with the death of Walter White leading to the rise of AnnoyingHeroes, not all prestige TV is created equal. Sometimes, you just want to celebrate the worst of what’s good. From the lack of chemistry of Will McAvoy and Mackenzie McHale on The Newsroom to sheer incompetence of the detectives on Gotham and Fargo, here are our official selections (and personal choices) of the TV’s Worsties.

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