Andy Warhol, now used to sell shoes. (Campbells Red ©/®/TM The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Trademarks licensed by Campbell Soup Company. All rights reserved.)

Art World Abstracts: The Inevitable Andy Warhol Sneaker Collaboration, and More!

Converse, a shoe brand that prior to today has been pretty responsible in terms of limiting silly collaborations, has decided to be the guys who let Andy Warhol’s work decorate the sides of their sneakers. In case you’re wondering, no, a can of Campbell’s does not look that great on the sides of your Chuck Taylors. And look, I’m all for anything that gets money donated to the Andy Warhol Foundation, but these just look stupid. (Of course it goes without saying that Andy would just love this.) Expect them to clutter up the racks of Hot Topic stores in any town with arty preteens.

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