Host Scott Rogowski chats with guest Amy Sedaris (Arman Dzidzovic/New York Observer).

With Dad as Sidekick, Talk Show Host Scott Rogowsky Kibitzes With Comedy Icons

Over a pre-show turkey burger, comedian Scott Rogowsky tests one of his opening monologue jokes. “Today’s Earth Day. I did my part. I shared an Uber with a completely unqualified driver.” Not exactly a zinger, but it does the trick—and Uber reference aside, it seems kind of old school. “I am an old comic trapped in young comic’s body,” he says.

Mr. Rogowsky’s live talk show, Running Late, currently at Caroline’s on a monthly basis, is a throwback to the only-three-network days of comedy, when jokes were not polished by a staff of 20 Ivy Leaguers. It’s pretty simple: Mr. Rogowsky does an opening monologue, his guests come on, they kibitz, he shows clips, maybe includes a sketch or game. His sidekick is his father Marty. Not a lot of innovation going on, but it works. “What am I gonna do, host on a waterbed?” asks Mr. Rogowsky. “People want familiarity. It’s a talk show.”

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