Director Erin Lee Carr at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Thought Crimes.  (Photo by Cara Genovese )

Acquired Taste: Thought Crimes’ Erin Carr on Winning Over New York’s Cannibal Cop

“You’re talking to a human being, and I’m an over-sharer. I’m Irish.” Erin Carr, the 26-year-old twin daughter of the late New York Times media reporter David Carr, has a disarmingly meta way of discussing her own work as a documentarian; effectively turning our conversation into another example of the murky, transactional intimacy between profiler and subject. In a dark suit, with blonde hair pulled back in a severely practical ponytail that only served to highlight her set jaw and jutting cheekbones, she could be a dead ringer for Anna Chlumsky’s character Amy Brookheimer on Veep. Like Brookheimer, the president’s campaign manager and “everything-doer,” Ms. Carr tends to talk in terms of convictions, and she does so with that same cautious urgency of someone who knows how easily words can be taken out of context.

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