Eraserhead meets Seinfeld. (Tumblr)

The Odd Brilliance of the Larry David Lynch Tumblr: What is ‘Lynchian,’ Anyway?

“Perversities reveal themselves in different ways. It is certainly not news that the carefully buried thoughts and desires roiling under our surfaces often ooze around the bounds of containment, whether we want them to or not. Perhaps this is the appeal of Larry David: his personality doesn’t so much ooze, as gush, the feelings and thoughts that so many of us keep tightly bound—or ever realize are present in the first place. Is he sick? Perhaps. Is he insane? Maybe. Whatever Larry’s derangement, our pleasure in the spectacle is perhaps the most perverse and interesting part of it all…So come look, you perverts! You know you want to.” – Matthew F. Giudice, MD, on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Philosophy: Awaken the Social Assassin Within

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