"Disappointing Gays" on <em>Portlandia</em>. (IFC)

Did ‘Portlandia’ Steal This ‘Disappointing Gay’ Sketch from the Internet?

Humor is a unique art form when it comes to its position on authorship: while there are clear (or clear-ish) boundaries for what constitutes copyright infringement for a book or movie, comedians steal each other’s material all the time. It’s never “Oh, Carlos Mencia was just doing an homage to the work of Joe Rogan,” or “That South Park episode with the Inception bit was merely paying tribute to the earlier works of CollegeHumor.” While a timeline of “Who did it first?” can usually be established, unless it’s a word-for-word rip-off, there’s always the possibility that two separate groups thought the same “tiny hats” joke was funny.

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