Josh Gondelman, Seinfeld aficionado. (Photos: Yvonne Albinowski for Observer)

Nice Guys Finish First: Josh Gondelman, a New Writer of ‘Last Week Tonight’

What’s the deal with Josh Gondelman? Here’s a 30-year-old guy who managed to parlay a parody Seinfeld Twitter account into a new book (out today) and a staff writing gig on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. He’s someone who you probably already kind of hate based on that one-sentence description, or at least feel annoyed enough about that you are considering putting down this article and retooling your screenplay (not that you will). And yet, he’s widely respected in the comedy community as being a sweetheart in an industry that doesn’t exactly celebrate the “nice guy.” And yet, his co-written Twitter account is really funny. And yet, he’s just a normal, likable person. So again, we ask: what’s the deal with this guy?

“Josh Gondelman is the nicest man in comedy,” said Sara Benincasa, a New York-based comedian and author of author Agorafabulous! and the upcoming DC Trip and Real Artists Have Day Jobs. “He’s caring, smart, funny, talented, and deeply kind.”

“What I’m saying is, I assume he has bodies in his basement.”

It was in December 2012 that Mr. Gondelman and another comedian, former BuzzFeed writer Jack Moore, began writing the Twitter account @SeinfeldToday. Chances are you’ve already followed them, or read a trend piece about the account. Calling it a parody is actually a misnomer. It’s more of an homage: What if the Larry David characters were re-imagined in the social media era? As in:

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