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All the Small Things: ‘God Particle’ Scientist Nabs UWS Co-op for $2.73 M.

Dr. Tony Liss, one of the researchers responsible for discovering the Higgs boson particle—the so-called “God particle”—by way of experiments with the Large Hedron Collider in Geneva was not awarded the Higgs-themed Nobel Prize in physics in 2013. And thus, naturally, Dr. Liss did not receive the $1.2 million currently attached to said prize. But he did not begrudge its recipients, Francois Englert and Peter Higgs, who had hypothesized the particle’s existence way back in in the 1960s to explain why matter has mass. Thousands of researchers participated in the experiments in Switzerland, Dr. Liss said, and the Nobel “appropriately awarded to the theorists who came up with the idea.”

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