The new Gavin Brown's enterprise space at 291 Grand Street (Courtesy

Gavin Brown Goes to Chinatown: A Steven Pippin Show Opens the Gallerist’s New Spot

A few steps away from the smelliest block in New York, nestled among dumpling-slinging holes in the wall and dusty shops with burners and jerseys for sale, is the new outpost of Gavin Brown’s enterprise. The new address is 291 Grand Street. It’s bold for the dealer, who’s jump-started dozens of careers from galleries firmly planted in tony environs way west of the Bowery, to choose this Lower East Side/Chinatown backwater as his first-ever second location. He’s moved before—from West Soho to the Meatpacking District to the current space in the West Village—but he’s never had an auxiliary place to complement the flagship. And now, the grown up enfant terrible will operate right next to the galleries run by les jeune.

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