Ben Sinclair in High Maintenance. (Vimeo)

Watch This Now: ‘High Maintenance’ Munchies (Video)

For awhile now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld’s amazing web series, High Maintenance, would be making the jump to TV. We couldn’t have picked a better show to make it to air–the married couple’s collaboration on a show about a weed dealer (played by Sinclair) isn’t your traditional pothead comedy, but aimed at a sharper, more melancholic GIRLS set. (High Anxiety would also be a good name for this show, but that was already a Mel Brooks movie, right?)

Between Emily Nussbaum’s rave review of the web show in this week’s New Yorker and the news that High Maintenance would now be funded by Vimeo as the service’s first foray into digital content means that there is no better time to turn down the lights, toke up, and catch all the episodes.

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