No Alarms and No Surprises, Please: ‘True Detective’ Season 2 Better Than Original

I’ve never been a convert to True Detective. Even last year, during its zeitgeist when the combo of NWA, tracking shots, Rashomon narrative devices and stoned philosophizing gave “prestige” television consumers a collective hard-on, I knew it would disappoint in the end. Like that attractively brooding TA from your Kant lecture class that you end up sleeping with second semester even after realizing halfway through mozzarella sticks at the Denny’s one town over that he seemed more intelligent before he started ceaselessly monologuing about god know’s what, True Detective was always more attractive from afar. Up close, it was just a big old mess: a laughable parody of what a constipated literary novelist would come up with while noodling with a Law and Order spec script.

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