Spoiler alert: this show is too sad for me! (AMC)

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap 5×9: This Is Why the Post-Apocalypse Can’t Have Nice Things

So I am not a real big fan of The Walking Dead, you should just know that off the bat-covered-in-barbed-wire. I watched the whole first season and most of the second and the problem I kept butting up against was that more of them didn’t just try to commit group suicide on the regs. Like if life is SO HORRIFIC and there is ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE and NO GOOD and all you can do is hope to survive for maybe one week longer, and the children are all dying and every time you ask for a sign from some empathetic cosmic force your son gets mistaken for a deer and SHOT, maybe it’s time to let Noah Emmerich blow you up in his bunker basement?

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