If Wishes Were Horses, ‘BoJack Horseman’ Would Have Been a Thoroughbred

By now, you’ve probably watched some of–perhaps even all!–of Bojack Horseman, the cartoon show on Netflix created by┬áRaphael Bob-Waksberg and starring Will Arnett as the washed-up host of a 90s family sitcom called Horsin’ Around. Living years later in that existential black hole of existence that is being a once-famous person (well, horse, Bojack is a horse) living in Los Angeles, Bojack is broken out of his cycle of bad choices, including the constant abuse of his assistant Todd (Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, also one of the show’s producers) and chronic one-night stands with various animals (including Princess Carolyn, his agent, who is a pink cat voiced by David Sedaris’ sister, Amy) when his publisher (a penguin, natch), hires him a ghostwriter for his memoirs (who is a human).

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