Of Horses and Hubris: The Price of Second Chances in Season 2 of ‘Bojack Horseman’

It’s not that Bojack Horseman–Netflix’s original series about a depressed, superficial Hollywood has-been trying to make something of his post-limelight life while battling demons of the formerly famous (Freeloaders, Groupies, Jealousy, Narcism, Reflexive Cynicism, Grandiosity, Self-Loathing, Anti-Social Skills, Destructive Relationship Patterns, Mood Swings)–is that groundbreaking with its subject matter. Look no farther than america’s addiction to watching our Icarus Idols fly too close to the paparazzi lights and come crashing down to Earth, caught on video for If they are lucky: Dancing With the Stars; if not, Behind the Music or a Bravo/VH1 dating show. And that’s just “real life.” Not, you know, a cartoon about a cartoon talking horse.

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