Web Development and Production Internships

Observer.com hires digital interns on a semesterly basis in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Current openings include positions within our Web Development, Web Production and Ad Operations Teams. 

As an intern, you’ll have a few regular tasks, including back-end programming, front-end development, and ad server maintenance. Through these tasks, you’ll learn to develop and maintain web sites, design and develop web pages, deliver and optimize online ads.

Minimum commitment is 12 hours per week, and you can work remotely for up to one-third of the time you’re willing to commit. Interns are expected to receive school credit in lieu of monetary compensation.

Observer.com is now hiring for the following intern positions:

Web Developers

Web Design and Production

Online Ad Traffickers

If you would like to apply for any of the open digital intern positions, or if you have any questions, please email slisojo@observer.com.