Here’s One Way to Get A Cab to Take Your Route

The cabby, uncharacteristically for that breed, did as he was told, exiting the cab and waving goodbye to his wheels.

What proud, poised, Type-A personality among us hasn’t felt the onset of something like an aneurysm when we’re late for an appointment, but our cabby makes some bonehead move like turning onto Park and coming to a grinding halt at a stop light when he just as easily could have turned onto Madison, made the light before it turned red and continued up that personable avenue beating all the lights, getting us to our destination promptly and, not insignificantly, saving us 50 cents or so in the process?

However, few of us actually wrest the wheel from the hack, as one passenger did on March 9 at around 2:15 a.m. The rider and an accomplice had entered the cab at 21st Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues and told the driver to take them to 93rd Street and Third Avenue.

The relationship apparently turned sour around 59th Street when the cabby proceeded to make a left turn onto Madison Avenue, an eminently reasonable strategic decision from this reporter’s point of view, but one which, nevertheless, prompted one of the passengers to declare, “What the fuck are you doing? Why did you take this road?”

The driver stopped for a red light at Madison and 60th, which was obviously a piece of bad luck, since it provoked one of his riders to produce a black hand gun and announce, “Get the fuck out.”

The cabby, uncharacteristically for that breed, did as he was told, exiting the cab and waving goodbye to his wheels, as it were, as it proceeded westbound on 61st Street from Madison Avenue. The perps weren’t caught, but the cab was eventually recovered at 567 Fort Washington Avenue, within the confines of the 34th Precinct.

Unhelpful Hands

The typical Park Avenue tableau consists of the well-groomed matron, perhaps fresh from her workout or lunch with the ladies, returning to her abode weighted down with shopping bags from Frette or Valentino. Her doorman trots out to greet her, relieves her of her burden as she protests democratically and the two of them vanish, collegially, into their lobby’s well-appointed interior.

Unfortunately, the fellow who stepped up to greet a 1000 Park Avenue resident one day in March wasn’t a name on her Christmas bonus list. The perp approached as the 34-year-old woman was about to enter her building. He hit her hand, causing her to drop her $275 Dooney & Bourke handbag and several other packages to the ground.

Then he grabbed the handbag and fled down 85th Street in the direction of Lexington Avenue, with a good Samaritan in hot pursuit. But the crook, who was accompanied by another male, managed to escape, and a canvas of the area by the police produced negative results. The bag’s contents included a $50 cosmetic case, an Amex card, a New York State driver’s license and a Morgan Stanley checkbook.

Pizza Problems

In the last Crime Blotter, we reported the theft of a $15 mushroom pizza with extra cheese on March 15 from a delivery man from Anna Maria’s Pizzeria at 1681 First Avenue. Now comes news of a similar theft two days earlier the motive appeared once again to be not money, but the desire to satisfy a craving for mozzarella and tomato sauce when two 18-year-old perps approached a delivery man for Domino’s as he was delivering two pies, worth a grand total of $31, to an East 95th Street address.

The fast-food worker told the cops that, as he was dropping off the pizzas at the location, he spotted one of the males standing outside. Once he got inside the building and to the staircase, the second male, who seemed to be waiting for him, punched him on the left side of his face and relieved him of the pizza. Then both males, who were described as wearing jean jackets and baggy blue jeans, fled with their spoils in an unknown direction.


Maybe you’ve heard the phone number 1-800-MATTRES (“and leave off the last S for ‘savings’!”). It’s your passport to a heavenly night’s sleep, according to the ads. But one burglar didn’t even have to pick up the phone to become the proud owner of a $200 Legend Plus piece of bedding on March 18.

A 1-800-MATTRES delivery man was making a delivery to an Upper East Side location around 6:35 p.m. He told police that he’d closed his truck’s back door but left it unlocked, perhaps believing that nobody would have the chutzpah to cart off something as large as a mattress. Well, somebody did. When the driver returned to his vehicle, he found the back door open and the mattress gone. Apparently, nobody saw the thief walking down the street hauling a mattress or thought nothing of it if they did. Here’s One Way to Get A Cab to Take Your Route