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Night Operation Yields Lineup of Love’s Losers

Some might consider the price of sex as much a philosophical as a financial question. But rarely is it as clearly and empirically spelled out as it was on July 22, when the 19th Precinct held one of its “Losing Proposition” evenings. The name refers to the NYPD’s recurring and heroic-though ultimately doomed-efforts to rid the city of prostitution by targeting johns who prowl the city’s streets in search of paid sex.

Female police officers wearing hidden microphones dress up as hookers (and a persuasive show they make of it), while other officers wait in unmarked vans listening in on the conversations their fellow cops are having with their horny prey. As soon as the unsuspecting gents offer money in exchange for sexual ecstasy, the cops pile out of their van and place the highly surprised customers in handcuffs as their dates disappear around the nearest corner.

The festivities started around 1 a.m. in the vicinity of 60th Street and First Avenue, the approximate location of the undercover operation. According to police accounts, a 24-year-old Brooklyn man-and a cheap bastard, at that-offered one of the female officers $10 to perform fellatio on him.

That arrest was followed by a second approximately 55 minutes later. Police said that the second john, a 26-year-old Mahopac, N.Y., man, was a bigger spender, offering $100. However, for his hundred smackers he wanted sexual intercourse in addition to fellatio.

As the clock struck two the clientele didn’t become noticeably more munificent. One guy offered $50 for sexual intercourse, a second $50 for both fellatio and sexual intercourse, and a third a miserly $50 for fellatio, sexual intercourse and masturbation, police said.

One might have thought that, as daybreak approached and desperation set in, the perpetrators would be willing to dig deeper into their pockets. That was not the case, though their ardor did seem to stiffen, with three of them falling for the undercover tarts at 3:45 a.m.

One of them was a 21-year-old Massachusetts resident who approached a female officer and offered her $50-apparently the going rate-for full sex.

The police also reported that a 27-year-old Manhattan resident offered an undercover cop $100 for intercourse and a blow job. But the evening’s cheapskate award undoubtedly went to the Long Island resident who, in exchange for a measly $30, wanted a live sex show, encouraging two of the undercovers to perform sex on each other. They declined and he, like his fellow desperadoes, was charged with soliciting a prostitute and hauled downtown.

Handicapped Parking

The handicapped suffer no discrimination when it comes to parking in the Big Apple-they have to fight off fellow motorists for parking spots just like everybody else, as a July 13 incident starkly illustrated.

The victim, a 53-year-old Richmond Hill resident, told police that while waiting for a parking spot at 68th Street and York Avenue at 9 p.m., he was approached by another man, 5-foot-9 and weighing in at 200 pounds, who announced that he was waiting for the identical spot and that he had gotten there first.

When the complainant explained that he wasn’t moving-not just because he had gotten there first, but also because he was handicapped-his adversary wasn’t impressed. “I’ll show you who’s handicapped,” he said and began striking the victim with his fists, causing swelling to his lip and the inside of his mouth.

It appears that the handicapped gentleman, who received medical attention, ultimately won the parking spot, since he got his assailant’s license-plate number as he fled the scene.


Half of life is just showing up, to paraphrase Woody Allen-and that goes double if you’re employed as a security guard, as a July 17 incident at Ann Taylor, 645 Madison Avenue, suggests.

A customer approached the sales counter around 11:45 a.m. and helpfully explained that three men were stuffing leather skirts into bags in the northwest corner of the store.

The sales associate with whom she’d shared the disturbing news tried to thwart the theft in progress. One of the perps fled through the front door, his loot setting off security sensors. The valiant Ann Taylor employee caught the other two, but they were more than she could handle on her own and they also absconded with goodies. She did a quick inventory after their departure and discovered 10 skirts (valued at $2,280) missing and dresses scattered all over the floor.

During the incident, the store’s security guard was in the back office.

Room With a View

The homeless tend to take advantage of the city’s benches and sidewalks during the summer months. But few of them go as far to make themselves feel comfortable as the fellow the cops happened upon at 69th Street, between Madison and Park avenues, around 6:40 p.m. on July 20.

Not only were the guy’s books and baby carriage blocking the sidewalk and its pedestrian traffic, but he’d plugged his TV set into a New York City streetlight and was watching his favorite programs.

When the cops arrested him, they discovered not only a second TV set (could the perp have possibly been a Nielsen family?) but also burglar’s tools, a saw and a box-cutter. In addition to petty larceny-apparently arising from the cost to the city for powering his appliance-he was charged with theft of services and possession of burglar’s tools.

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