Ring Ring … Britney’s Wolfin’ a Bialy at Kossar’s.

Upoc, a wireless messaging service that distributes text and

voice info to cell phones, has a popular user group called “NYC Celeb

Sightings.” Two years old, with 1,846 registered members, the group sends

instant messages to each other about celebrity spottings in Manhattan. Here are

some highlights:

Sept 7, 1:19 AM, greg: Ozzy

Osbourne getting off plane from LA @ JFK – looks  a little confused

Sept 7, 2:27 AM, supertoad:

Eric Nies (The Real World) @ China White – in bandana waving ladies over

Oct 11, 11:38 PM, Dens: Hugh

grant @ openair. Has an afro!

Oct 12, 2:47 PM, Teal: Ben

and Casey Affleck walking down Hudson @ Spring. Looking rested and happy.

Oct 14, 9:22 PM, lucy: Molly

Ringwald at Pastis, rather upset

Oct 20, 4:16 PM, julien: Catherine

Deneuve on Canal & Lafayette buying fake Vuitton bag

Oct 25, 1:55 PM, jimbabwe: sting

@ Bryant park selling windows xp

Oct 25, 10:39 PM, fddi: Bill

gates spills my drink @ xp launch, supper club

Oct 26, 12:44 PM,

aimlessagain: Walter Cronkite 58th near madison. (he looks good)

Nov 1, 11:50 AM, citigirl: Hillary

Swank on Madison and 51st, whining and complaining … not so swanky …

Nov 14, 9:15 AM, townsnda: John

Lithgow, Wash sq park, yesterday noon, wearing beret – undercover?

Nov 17, 9:47 PM, alex: Isaac

Mizrahi alone @ bar @ village restaurant. Looks crazy & skinny

Nov 21, 1:46 PM, runner:

Running next to Billy Baldwin at Equinox on UWS. Cute but slow runner

Nov 24, 9:35 PM, alex: Natalie

portman rushing her wee self up Lafayette on cell

Jan 12, 4:27 PM, alex: for

real: Kevin bacon on st marks/3rd, blue baseball cap. I’m 1 degree now!

Feb 3, 12:37 PM, citigirl: Benjamin

bratt @ Bubby’s … taller than expected.

Feb 7, 9:03 PM, Gordon: Henry

Kissinger rumbling about foreign policy at le bernadin

Feb 23, 5:21PM, bigraisin: Liv

tyler walking arm & arm with some guy on 9th st w vil.

Feb 27, 1:44PM, hnic357: Tom

Brokaw @ Citarella on 6th ave.

Mar 1, 5:55PM, bwkonash: Jerry

Seinfeld smoking a cigar in a new Porsche on Broadway and East Houston.

Mar 7, 1:31PM, TheBodie: Just

met Tiki Barber in RCS on Madison and 56th. Short convo. Very nice guy.

Mar 13, 10:19PM,

greymatter: Brendan Fraser at 57/57 bar right now

Mar 13, 10:30PM,

greymatter: 57 East 57th St, the Four Seasons Bar. He’s with his wife.

Mar 14, 12:55 PM, TheBodie:

Fisher Stevens on Madison & 58. Saw him years ago in Citibank on 6th

& 23.

Mar 15, 3:02 PM, alex: Model

Ana Claudia walking into bar pitti with superscruffy boyfriend

Mar 18, 1:44PM,

aimlessagain: Barry Manilow at borders-now-57th and Park. Wearing a black

baseball cap

Mar 18, 5:53PM, janie13: barry

F#$king manilow? why would u tell us that?

Mar 18, 4:56PM, amart2: please

get me off this site!

Mar 18, 5:00PM,

aimlessagain: I knew some people would get ticked off by the Barry


-Lynn Harris

A Few More Thoughts From Larry King jr.

Is acting hard or could about half the population do it?

Is there anything moredepressing than riding in a hot taxi cab on

a cold night, listening to 1010 WINS turned up too loud?

Guy de Maupassant gets no


It’sjusta thought, but maybe teenagers should be encouraged to

take drugs and have sex. That stuff gets harder to pull off the older you get.

Depression is actually normal. It’s not like we’re not going to

get old and die.

I keep buying bananas and I keep not eating them.

You don’t have to buy their albums but you have to respect


Don’t you just hate people?

With apologies to Janet Malcolm, I’ll take de Maupassant over


Now I feel kinda embarrassed about us getting all worked up and

kicking the Taliban’s ass like that.

Women: We love you, but you’ve got to speed it up when you’re

using public transportation. We want those MetroCards out of the purses before

you reach the turnstile-and no more lollygagging on the platforms.

My knowledge of science probably equals that of an average

European villager, circa 1750.

Look. Somebody must have dumped a big bunch of hummus on the


I am so mad at Sheryl Crow.

Don’t judge a one-legged man

until you have hopped a mile in his moccasin.

If you ever see me with a plastic fork in my shirt pocket and a

bag of takeout lunch in one hand, please shoot me.

Bad Steve Martin has taken the lead in his race against Good

Steve Martin.

If it wasn’t for scientists and other people who actually know

about stuff, the Taliban would have kicked our ass.

Imagine if this whole country were made up of guys like me and my

friends. We would be toast.

I don’t get what’s so great about photographs.

If I were to make a bumper sticker that read “I’d rather be

reading de Maupassant,” how many people do you think would buy it?

Dad, you’re the best. You got

the money after everybody counted you out.

Mangoes are a lot of trouble.

Still waiting for the Internet to change life as we know it.

Oh, my God, that’s not hummus.

-Larry King Jr. Ring Ring … Britney’s Wolfin’ a Bialy at Kossar’s.