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Wednesday 20th Literature’s big night: If you’ve ever seen members of the self-consciously rumpled New York publishing beau monde affect

Wednesday 20th

Literature’s big night: If you’ve ever seen members of the self-consciously rumpled New York publishing beau monde affect “evening glamour, ” you know it ain’t pretty-and while we’re on the subject of fall’s many fashion infractions , what is the deal with how track suits are now apparently considered appropriate wear for famous people and Manhattan social gals? Even Al Sharpton ditched his track suits many years ago …. Tonight are the National Book Awards , hosted by the adorable Steve Martin in a tweedy warm-up for his forthcoming Oscars gig …. There’s a shiny medal for eminence Philip Roth , and five almost obnoxiously obscure fiction nominees: Mark Costello ( Big If ), Julia Glass ( Three Junes ), Adam Haslett ( You Are Not a Stranger Here ), Martha McPhee ( Gorgeous Lies ) and Brad Watson ( The Heaven of Mercury ) …. Why not root for Ms. Glass, 46, who lives in a West Village one-bedroom with her POSSLQ (person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters) Dennis, a photographer, and their two boys, Alec, 6, and Oliver, 22 months, and who was doing the laundry when she got word of her nomination. “I was standing there with an armload of socks ,” she said as little Oliver mewled for his bottle. “He’s got like a cocktail hour; he has to have all this milk before dinner.” Is she related to any famous Glasses, like Philip (composer), Ira (radio host) or Stephen ( New Republic disaster). “I would say I’m related to Seymour Glass, ha ha ha ,” she said. “I’m a Glass who isn’t Jewish. I’m extremely WASP-y.” Us, too, honey … us, too.

[Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway, 6:30 p.m., 685-0261.]

Fuller up, ma’am? We all cringed and hid under our desks when Bonnie Fuller blew in from Canada with her bangs and her moxie and took over Cosmo and then Glamour , which she turned from a semi-feminist mag- azine into an unreadable Cosmo ripoff , but something is working over there at Us Weekly …. Tonight, the Condé Nast scourge turned go-go Wenner Media sensation celebrates her an ointment as Advertising Age ‘s Editor of the Year , to grudging, respectful applause in the Four Seasons’ Grill Room …. Meanwhile, the freelance paparazzi with bad dental work who are the very lifeblood of Ms. Fuller’s magazine are scurrying to cover a seedy, celebrity-clogged Maserati promotional bash in the adjacent Pool Room …. Who says this town has no class?

[Four Seasons, 99 East 52nd Street, 6 p.m., by invitation only, 582-6621.]

Thursday 21st

Sommelier men, so little time … Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé ! Wine snobs are streaming into the city, clutching their shiny $100 “rabbit” corkscrews , and there are very few places to hide. You could hop into a Grecian urn at the Connoisseur’s Antiques Fair preview; a portion of the proceeds goes to St. Vincent’s Hospital … or just submit to the oenophile madness at a wine-tasting thrown by the American Sommelier Association (benefits hunger charities), also the first night of a heated “Best Sommelier in America” competition with local entrants from Le Bernardin, Ducasse, etc. We asked A.S.A. president Andrew Bell how to drink our way through another Thanksgiving with the in-laws. “There’s nothing wrong with going to your local retailer and saying, ‘I want a jammy, fruity, cassis-and-blackberry wine for under $20,’ he said.” How ’bout under $10?

[Connoisseur’s Antiques Fair, 69th Regiment Armory, Lexington and 26th Street,

5 p.m., 604-2670; American Sommelier

Association benefit, Tavern on the Green, Central Park West between 66th and 67th streets, 7 p.m., 226-6805.]

Friday 22nd

Bowling for congaline? You’ve probably been to Bowlmor Lanes in Union Square for one of those un-fun, ironic Gen-X bowling birthday parties (beer in plastic cups, men in vintage bowling shirts, women getting “competitive”)? Tonight, Bowlmor management opens Strike, an ambitious $10 million, 60,000-square-foot bowling-alley- cum -dance-club in New Hyde Park, N.Y. It’s got a sushi bar, light show, 700-foot electric go-cart track, movie screens, mirrored glass tables-like a hybrid of Cats kills summer camp and the Condé Nast cafeteria. Additional problem: Where is New Hyde Park? “The biggest mystery for people who live in Manhattan is simply figuring that out-but you know, it’s 100 yards from the Queens border,” said the man in charge, Tom Shannon. “It’s only 11 miles; I’ve done it in as few as 17 minutes. You sort of have to pass it when you go to and from the Hamptons.” We actually don’t go to and from the Hamptons-we just let it be.

[1350 Union Turnpike, next to the Lake Success Shopping Center, 7 p.m., opening party by invitation only, 889-0440.]

Saturday 23rd

Asparagus-stroking Flatiron restaurant kingpin Danny Meyer might just turn up today as the Holiday Market opens in Union Square, where hippies in “Free Tibet” ski caps munching on gyros and pawing through bins of fleece clothing will groove with secret trust-fund gals wearing downtown-hipster wear ( Seven corduroy jeans, chandelier earrings, Chewbacca boots ) in pursuit of hand-dipped bees’-wax candles from the San Juan mountains …. Mr. Meyer also turns up in Barbecue Is a Noun , a documentary about an illegal pig roast in Williamsburg , a once-painterly neighborhood now apparently flush with pork-chompin’, booze-suckin’ expatriate Southerners. “It should be a glorious evening,” said Austin McKenna , 29, a U. Va. grad and former ad man who made the movie with his roommate, a former derivatives trader. He said his movie is about “ambition” and hopes to get funding for a second one, about pier-fishing. You gotta love that recession.

[Union Square Holiday Market, 14th Street, 11 a.m.; Barbecue Is a Noun premiere, at the filmmakers’ $2,100 loft in Williamsburg, 6 p.m., e-mail inquiries to barbecueisanoun@yahoo.com.]

Sunday 24th

Stampede of the socialite wildebeests! It’s another one of Peggy Siegal’s disturbing no-nannies-allowed “special screenings,” this time of a gigantic IMAX version of The Lion King , the Disney cartoon that spawned an Elton John musical in midtown that we wouldn’t go to even though a certain handsome Vanity Fair editor plied us with two pink Virgil’s margaritas beforehand …. Sunday is for married couples, and there are several (super-rich) twosomes on the invitation: Muffie Potter Aston and Sherrell Aston , Tory and Chris Burch , Katherine Betts and Chip Brown, Jennifer and Lawrence Creel, and Alex Kuczynski and Charles Stevenson . Can you feel the love tonight?

[Loews IMAX Theater, 1998 Broadway,

4 p.m., lobby party with face-painting, photo ops with characters, hot dogs, popcorn, bags of candy; screening to follow, by invitation only, 935-1558, ext. 179.]

Monday 25th

Harper’s versus Marie Claire : Tonight, the egghead part of your soul wrestles with the thigh-high-booted, pole-dancing part, like Jacob and the angel (or vice versa) …. Uptown, literary geezer George Plimpton’s pert, camisole-clad minions set out big blocks of cheese for Harper’s editor Lewis Lapham; the latter has written a book of essays, Theater of War. Special Eight-Day Week correspondent Noelle Hancock dialed Mr. Lapham to discuss American foreign policy. “I see no upside in an invasion of Iraq,” he told her. “I don’t see why we think that the role we want to play in the world is that of the world’s sheriff …. I think that we should pay a good deal more of our attention to domestic health and welfare than to our foreign adventures …. Our current Bush is filled with references to God. To me, he sounds like a medieval pope.” Downtown, meanwhile, Marie Claire is providing Krispy Kreme doughnuts, fresh cotton candy and homemade marshmallows at a party for shameless publicity trollops Melissa de la Cruz and Karin Robinovitz’s forthcoming book, How to Become Famous in Two Weeks or Less . Laura Branigan (“Gloria”) is going to sing, and publicist Lara Shriftman’s little brother, Jonathan Shriftman , is going to spin. “She’s flying him in from Florida,” said Ms. De La Cruz. “He appears in Fast and the Furious 2 , and he’s 14-he’s like the new Mark Ronson or something!” We believe the only appropriate response here is: Yikes .

[ Theater of War party, Paris Review , top-secret Upper East Side location, 6 p.m., by invitation only, 420-5744; Marie Claire party, Lot 61, 550 West 21st Street, 8 p.m., 649-5000.]

Tuesday 26th

Get out your rabbit muffs, girlfriends ! The New York City Ballet’s opening-night benefit is tonight-a tribute to the music of Richard Rodgers, with new work from that flying Dutchman, Peter Martins, and also Robert La Fosse and Christopher Wheeldon. Translation : Your last chance for grown-up ballet for the remainder of the year, because in three days comes The Nutcracker and its sudden profusion of young ‘uns in grosgrain hair ribbons , in town to see the show and have lunch with Daddy and his “new friend” ….

[New York State Theater, 20 Lincoln Center, 7:30 p.m., 870-4083.]

Wednesday 27th

Here come the holidays- hup , two, three, four -with the cranky spouse in front of the football game, the clamorous, intrusive relatives, the unwanted gifts, the rapidly exhausted supply of Ativan …. And here’s the one way certain New Yorkers can cope: a big squeakin’ shoe sale at Language in Nolita, with 70 percent off Chloé, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pucci …. We called to find out what’s selling. “The corset-backed shoe is doing very well,” said saleswoman Liz Greenberg. “I would say because it’s very sexy, but it has kind of a historical-costume look to it , which makes it kind of demure as well. And boots are doing really well. The cropped-pant gaucho look is helping boots. “Guess we’re dressing as an elf for Thanksgiving tomorrow, which, while not great, is better than a track suit ….

[238 Mulberry Street, 11 a.m., 431-5566.]

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