Countdown to Bliss

Rosie Amodio and Rob Rosenberg

Met: March 15, 2002 Engaged: Oct. 11, 2003 Projected Wedding Date: Oct. 2, 2004

Rosie Amodio, 31, is now the deputy editor of Marie Claire , but she spent much of her 20’s studying the habits and interests of the horny male as features editor at Maxim -not a bad icebreaker at parties. Yet when she sprang it on Rob Rosenberg, an investment banker with McFarland, Dewey and Co., at the bar of the now-defunct restaurant Theo, his fair face remained blank.

“To tell you the truth, I never read it,” said Mr. Rosenberg, 29. He prefers The New Yorker , he said. “I’m pretty boring.”

Still, he thought the delicate, raven-haired editor was pretty cute. And she was agog over him as well. “We had this amazing conversation,” she said. “The next day I was telling all my friends, ‘I met this guy and he’s so interesting and cool,’ and they were like, ‘Well, what does he do,’ and I’m like, ‘Uhhh … I think he’s in banking?’ I couldn’t remember specifics. I just remember this really great feeling.”

He called later in the week to see if she had Friday plans; it was Thursday. Ms. Amodio huffed something about him not following The Rules . “I’m like: ‘ Huh ?'” Mr. Rosenberg said.

He showed his thoughtfulness early on. Ms. Amodio lost an eBay auction for a baby-blue Russell Wright plate (she collects them; her favorite color is rosy pink, of course), then found out that he was the one who had outbid her so he could make a gift of it.

“He just made sure everything was fun,” she said. “It’s sappy to say, but my whole life I’d never felt like someone had been that thoughtful and that concentrated on making me happy.” Their friends began to refer to them as “Rosie male and Rosie female.”

“I really went into not worrying about all the stuff New York girls usually worry about: Does he have enough money, is he marriage material, is he this, is he that?” she said.

Nevertheless, she trotted out another rule, booking a date with that all-important beau breed, the Single Uptown Doctor-then telling Mr. Rosenberg about it. “I was like, ‘You should be jealous!'” she said. “And he was like, ‘Whatever. You’re going to be so bored, you’re going to run home and call me.'” Which, sure enough, she did.

“I just knew what we had was pretty cool,” he said. “And some Upper East Side orthodontist wasn’t going to torpedo that.”

“Dermatologist,” she huffed.

He presented her with a round, platinum-set diamond while they were vacationing at Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. Ms. Amodio has been in a bubbly blur ever since, planning a wedding at the United Nations chapel with hot pink bridesmaid dresses. She’s also considering pink roses dipped in pink glitter.

Mr. Rosenberg still doesn’t quite get The Rules , but he proposed a guy system called “Categories.” “The headings differ, but for me Rosie takes care of them all,” he said. “One: She’s amazing professionally. Two: She completely takes care of me. In that respect, she’s like the typical wife from the 50’s-amazing cook, never lets me go out with wrinkled clothes …. And three: She’s so smart and witty-probably smarter than me. Three languages!” (Ms. Amodio is a first-generation Italian-American from Brooklyn and speaks Latin and Sicilian.) “Amazing wit. And for me, that’s it.”

And so everything is coming up Rosie for the pair. “When I first told my sister about Rob, she was like, ‘Yeah, you’re going to marry this guy, because I know you’re going to be stuck with that name,'” said the soon-to-be Rosie Rosenberg.

“Alliteration is in!” said the groom.

Angela Baggetta and Chris Hayes

Met: February 2001 Engaged: July 3, 2003 Projected Wedding Date: Aug. 7, 2004

Angela Baggetta, a book publicist with Goldberg McDuffie Communications, was deeply engrossed in The Total Money Makeover (by one of her clients, natch) one hot afternoon when she decided that her own bank account needed some spiffing up. She threw down the tome and started balancing her checkbook. Pawing through stacks of envelopes in the Hell’s Kitchen one-bedroom she shares with her boyfriend, Chris Hayes, she realized that the bill for their joint Visa account was missing, and promptly called Bank of America to get the balance.

“Huh, there’s a mysterious charge on your bill,” said the credit-card guy on the other end of the line. That “mysterious charge” was roughly $7,000.

Ms. Baggetta kept her cool. “I knew right away what it was,” she said. Sure enough, a purchase had been made from, an online diamond purveyor.

Later that day, she put on her best poker face and joined her honey and his family out on Long Island for a Fourth of July celebration. “I could tell right away that something was a little off with her,” said Mr. Hayes, 33, also a P.R. person (he specializes in nonprofit and corporate work). “Every time he talked to me, I’d turn pink and I couldn’t look him in the eye,” said the dark-haired, olive-skinned Ms. Baggetta, 28. “I felt so guilty.”

Finally, Mr. Hayes pulled her aside. “You know !” he said, and asked her to marry him on the spot. “And she’s going, ‘I wasn’t snooping! Really!'” The ring-a platinum band with a one-carat round diamond-was shipped the following week.

Their wedding will be on the Lawn in Battery Park, with a reception to follow at the large, august restaurant Bayard’s and a honeymoon in Mexico. “I’ve honestly been around the world for work, and everywhere I’ve been, I’ve never met such an honest and caring person as Ange,” Mr. Hayes said.

“You’d think two publicists would make a very loud household,” Ms. Baggetta said. “But it’s not. We’re good together. We speak the same language.”

The couple first met at a birthday party at Fez for Ms. Baggetta’s best friend, who was dating Mr. Hayes’ best friend. “It was just like in the movies,” Ms. Baggetta said. “Like when someone sees someone else and time stops? Like that. We made eye contact”-his are blue-green, “very kind,” she said-“and there was a powerful feeling, an instant connection.” She broke their gaze and looked down. Mr. Hayes, who is 6-foot-1, was wearing green-and-yellow polka-dotted socks. “In New York, most men’s socks are of the black variety,” she said. “It showed he went to his own drummer.”

Indeed. Their first real date was at Temple Bar-the city’s premiere extramarital make-out spot, incidentally-where Mr. Hayes displayed the dry wit that has led friends to dub him the “Irish Seinfeld,” plus the good humor that inspires his fiancée to call him “a beautiful person.”

Something of a romantic, he has saved the receipt from that night. We’re not sure if he took it as a tax deduction.

Countdown to Bliss