Everybody Loves Eliot

Spitzer’s fundraiser at the Sheraton was so packed –1,100 people, $2 million — that several tables had to be set up in a room across the hall, where the B-list watched on television monitors. Spitzer’s journey toward economic populism continued, with him pledging reform and railing against the establishment.

He told a story about an anonymous Wall Street lawyer warning him, “We have powerful friends.” Spitzer continued: “I would tell you what I said, but the FCC would fine me, but I’ll give you a hint – you remember what Vice President Cheney said to Senator Leahy.”

The only awkward part of this reform thread was that the unreformed political establishment — county chairs, Al D’Amato’s brother, Sheldon Silver — knows how to pick a winner, and its members all bought tables at Spitzer’s lunch.

Spitzer’s allies, though, assure us that he’s willing to bite the hand that feeds him. Everybody Loves Eliot