Rudy’s So-Called Friends

We report on how the Bernie Kerik fiasco has tarnished Rudy. And if you’re tired of the Bernie story, keep in mind that the former mayor has other problems too:

One moment of truth came in a quiet snub from David Keene, the chairman of the American Conservative Union and a Republican Party gatekeeper, whose annual Conservative Political Action Conference is a prime forum for aspiring Presidential nominees (even, yes, years before the actual election).

Mr. Keene told The Observer that he received “an informal feeler” from a Giuliani aide seeking to place the former New York Mayor as a speaker at the conference.

“I didn’t quite see how he fit in,” said Mr. Keene. “He’s a celebrity and he’s got a lot to say, but we’re probably not focused on the issues he’s focused on. We’re focused on small government, taxes.”

The basic problem with Mr. Giuliani, said Mr. Keene: “I don’t think he is a conservative.”

Rudy’s So-Called Friends