Show Us The Nanny

Here’s the conspiracy-minded reporters’ question that’s running through the Kerik coverage: Was there really a nanny at all?

The primary source on Kerik’s version is this Post story, which tells us she’s back in Mexico.

Kerik has also described her as “a very nice woman, a very good woman, someone who loves my children and they love her.”

One version I heard from a Giuliani-ish source has Kerik’s aides running the social security number she gave him through a databse, and it coming back with the right last name, but with a man’s first name.

That’s all we know. No name, no Mexico address, no concrete evidence that she existed. A flat lie on that scale seems unlikely…but it would be nice to see some evidence that the nanny is a person, not just an excuse.

Show Us The Nanny