What Does Virginia Want?

The noise level has been rising around C. Virginia Fields‘s apparent run for mayor since Newsday broke the story three days ago that her advisors say she’s running. She told the Times yesterday “I’m ready.” She told us, over the summer, “‘Madame Mayor,’ I like the sound of that.”

Fields is term-limited out as Manhattan Borough President next year. But despite good poll numbers and a cold demographic logic — only African-American, only woman, only senior citizen — there’s widespread disbelief that she’ll stick it out. She’s done virtually no campaigning, has no clear critique of the mayor, and doesn’t seem to have the desire that it takes to run a race like this. And so speculation is beginning over what she really wants.

Here’s the most convincing suggestion we’ve heard: New York State Party Chair. It would be a graceful exit. The State Party could use a recognizable, appealing public face. Denny wears a lot of hats, and could wear one fewer. And team Ferrer would love to see Virginia out of the Mayor’s race. What Does Virginia Want?