Al’s Next Campaign

Al Sharpton’s annual King Day political gala served this year as a platform for the campaign of his, er, executive director, Marjorie Fields Harris, who is running for vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee. (Wayne Barrett has the extremely exhaustive details on their relationship.)

Up at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ today, ushers handed nonplussed politicos and reporters two-page pieces of campaign literature, which advertise the one-page website of the Fields Harris Group. Ms. Harris played a high-profile role in a plaid jacket, asking questions and introducing a United Nations official.

Were John Kerry president, he might have owed Sharpton the favor of giving Harris a job. As it stands, however, her main qualification for the post is, as her bio puts it, her role as the “most capable and closest aide” to Sharpton, as executive director of the National Action Network. In evaluating her capabilities, we would note that the Network’s headquarters, damaged by a fire two years ago, has yet to reopen. And that the Network’s website has been down for something like a year. Al’s Next Campaign