Bob and Joe’s (Humble) New Adventures

We aren’t sure which generation of political consultants will be less pleased with our characterization today of their changing, professionalizing business: the older generation, whom we portray as drifting toward guru-in-a-room status; or those we describe as overeducated, scrubbed, corporate younger types. If it’s any consolation, the shift we’re describing hit journalism 30 years ago, producing overeducated, scrubbed, corporate types like…us.

We lead with the news that along with Bob Shrum, Joe Trippi is swearing off presidential politics.

“I have hung up the cleats on doing the Presidential [races],” Mr. Trippi said.

And here’s Shrum’s reaction to that excruciating, Dewey-Defeats-Truman Newsweek line:

“May I be the first to say ‘Mr. President’?” Mr. Shrum was quoted as saying.

“My own memory of that was, there was a point that evening when we all thought we’d won,” he told us. “The point was not what I said or didn’t say. It’s that we didn’t win.”

Also, don’t miss this Sheinkopf cameo:

A rival consultant, George Arzt, recalled that after one dispute, “he calls me up and threatens to break both my legs.” (Mr. Sheinkopf’s version is slightly different: He said the conversation took place in person and that he actually threatened to break Mr. Arzt’s head, not his legs.)

Bob and Joe’s (Humble) New Adventures